My First Competition Experience

Regardless of ambivalence in performing, I took the plunge and decided to compete in a pole classique competition. I took private lessons once a week that began in April 2022 to prepare me for the big day in September. (Previous post: Competition Training Begins) Five months of training pushed me to the edge both physically and mentally. I felt like I had to search my soul for strength often. I put my heart into training. With support from my coach, husband, friends and the studio, I did everything I possibly could to prepare. Rehearsal was chaotic. To say it went bad, would be an understatement. My anxiety was off the charts the week before the completion. Finally, competition day arrived.

Road to the First Pole Competition

I started taking pole fitness classes regularly starting January 2021.
After about 6 months, I started taking Level 3+ classes learning more tricks like Brass Monkey, Butterfly, Ayesha, etc. All those tricks were challenging at first, but I built my muscle and technique over time. After about a year of taking Level 3+ classes, I decided to compete in a pole competition.



Short person problems in USA that you may not realize in daily life. Things that remind me how I’m in the US when I came back from Japan.

I have seen some SNS posts about when people visit Japan, they hit or nearly hit their heads often because everything is shorter in Japan. I am about 4’11 and I am still shorter than average in Japan, but I barely have any problems in my home country. However, life in the US reminds me constantly of how short I am. Here are some of my short people problems in the US.

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