Short person problems in USA that you may not realize in daily life. Things that remind me how I’m in the US when I came back from Japan.

I have seen some SNS posts about when people visit Japan, they hit or nearly hit their heads often because everything is shorter in Japan.
I am about 4’11 and I am still shorter than average in Japan, but I barely have any problems in my home country. However, life in the US reminds me constantly of how short I am. Here are some of my short people problems in the US.

1. International flight overhead bins

This is not a daily problem, but my struggle starts before even entering the US. It’s like the plane is letting me know that I am going to be extra short at my destination. I can’t reach the overhead bin of any international airplanes. I always have to ask someone when I travel alone internationally, and it is a nice reminder that I am actually pretty short.

2. Jump high or no treats… Grocery store shelves are evil!

I don’t recall having this issue in Japan. I could reach everything I needed while shopping in Japanese grocery stores, but I have to make my best high jump when at the US grocery stores. On my good days, I could reach the top shelves, but there are times I have to give up on something because I couldn’t grab it or  find someone for help…Luckily, I have the Amazon option, so I can still survive with my treats.

3. Stepstools are the best invention

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Again, I don’t need to use stepstools at my Japanese house, except reaching the top shelves, which I don’t need often. But in the US, lower cabinet shelves are already as high as I can possibly reach. American houses are just built for taller people. I have two stepstools handy all around the house for any occasion.

4. Bathroom is the worst spot


My above three problems are not so much of a hassle. It doesn’t bother me so much. But in the bathroom, the struggle is real!
I’ve found that some toilet seats are higher than others and yes, my feet can’t touch the floor when I sit and it is uncomfortable, but I can still use bathroom, so it’s ok. In some bathrooms, the mirror is placed way too high and I can only see my head. But don’t worry, I usually have a small mirror in my purse, so i’m able to manage.

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The Biggest and the most annoying thing is actually the height of the bathroom sink. I’m pretty sure the US sink is higher than the Japanese counterparts. I can reach the faucet, but my clothes get wet! It’s because my clothes touch the sink when I reach for the water faucet. It was a great mystery for a little bit. I kept wondering why the center of my T-shirt is always wet. One day I finally realized that my clothes touch sink, and then I was reminded that I’m short in the US.

5. Bicycle seats position

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I did not have a problem with this in Japan, but even the lowest setting of an American bike seat is higher than I would like. Only the tip of my toes can touch the ground when I ride it. I don’t ride bikes often so I don’t need to worry too much. It was a little bit of culture shock how the lowest setting is still an uncomfortable height for me.

A little enjoyment for a short person


Being short is not too inconvenient overall. I love my height. People used to tell me “it’s fun size”. It’s just one of those things that I’m reminded of when I return from my time in Japan.

You might already have guessed it, but my car seat is pulled up all the way to the steering wheel. Thankfully I can drive the car just fine, but I always find it funny when someone (especially my husband) has to drive my car…people can’t sit comfortable without pushing it all the way back. Bwahaha…

Thank you for reading this post 🙂

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